Tribute to Homero Gomez Gonzalez

The Mexican States of Mexico and Michoacán are home to monarchs overwintering from Eastern North America.  There has been conflict between groups wanting to exploit the forested lands that are the winter home for monarchs and the government and conservationists wanting to protect this critical habitat.  Homero Gomez Gonzalez was a former logger who later became famous as a vocal activist and defender of the overwintering monarchs in the region.  Homero went missing on January 13 and his dead body was found January 30, as reported in this article in the New York Post:

Homero’s fate is a shock to conservation activists around the world.  It is a reminder that societies throughout the globe are facing intolerance for civil discourse that is destabilizing democracies.  My sincere condolences go to Mr. Gonzalez’s family.  He will be remembered for his defense of the monarchs but also for reminding us that tolerance for civil discourse is essential for our success as a society.